(the ballet for children and adults)

Music by Konstantin Vasil’ev

Choreography and staging by Tatyana Petrova and Vladislav Kuramshin.

This new, bright and cheerful performance will certainly be loved by children, and their parents.

The well-known story about Little Red Riding Hood, her grandmother and an angry wolf, thanks to the authors - composer Konstantin Vasil’ev, choreographers Tatiana Petrova and Vladislav Kuramshin – took an unexpected turn.

   In the ballet, bright dancing turns are done by friends of Little Red Riding Hood - hunters, seamen-fishermen, Gypsies, nice witches in the night wood, chickens, flowers, an elk and even a tiger became unforeseen characters of the fairy tale! And pasties became some of the main characters, the main intrigue of the performance is happening round them, and in the end, it becomes clear that the wolf is not so blood-thirsty and doesn't want to eat Little Red Riding Hood and her grandmother.

   The leading parts are played by the students of "School of the ballet of Vladislav Kuramshin" and the soloists of “Choreographic Miniatures” theater, winners and laureates of the international competitions of ballet dancers Lada Sartakova, Vladislav Bogdanov, Victoria Fedorova, Taisiya Paley, Maria Bulanova, Anna Gureeva, Anastasia Tyutyukova, and others.